Every condo unit owner needs to protect their property and their investment by obtaining a condo HO-6 policy. Many condominium unit owners are under the wrong impression that the building master policy will cover any claims or damage to their property arising out of their liability or the liability of others. The master policy generally covers the structure of the building, common areas (i.e. garage, pool), the roof, the walls, and the original unit fixtures. The association’s policy should respond if there is a claim or damage to the common areas and the structure of the building or if the association is liable for the damages to your unit. A claim as a result of your negligence might not be covered under the master policy. Also, the master policy normally will not cover any improvements and betterments done in your condo by you or by the previous owner, nor will it cover your personal property or your additional living expenses.

You need to purchase a condo HO-6 policy to make sure that you and your property are protected. Please check with your building’s management office regarding the coverage limitations of your association’s master policy and our agents can help you figure out the amount of protection that you need for your condo and other coverages that you should consider. Our expertise in the insurance field, professionalism, superior customer service and competitive prices will pleasantly surprise you. Don’t hesitate to call us for a free quote and a policy review today: (703) 888-3555.

Below are the typical coverages on the condo insurance policy.