Whether you are a contractor, or you have a construction company, you need a bond and we can help. A bond is a type of guarantee that a surety company will pay when the services are not provided according to a contract and a job is not finished or if the business become insolvent.

If you are a contractor, then most likely you need a surety bond to be able to get your license from the county. If you own a construction company then you need a surety bond to work for the big corporations. You need a bid bond if you want to be bidding for a large contract. If you win the bid and you are granted the project you might be required to get a performance bond. We can help you get any bond that you need at the lowest possible rate.

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Crime insurance, or employee dishonesty, is a type of coverage that a business gets to protect themselves from employee theft or from the fraudulent acts by employees. If your business deals with cash, checks or the clients’ payment information, then you definitely need to get a crime policy.

According to one fraud study, a typical business will lose 5% of its cash revenue due to employee dishonesty. Normally a crime policy will cover the employee dishonesty, forgery or alteration, theft of moneys and securities, theft of client’s property, computer fraud and funds transfer fraud.

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